Dear God, make me a bird
Hey brother, there's an endless road to rediscover
Hey sister, do you still believe in love, I wonder?

There's some really good music out on the radio right now, including this song "Hey Brother" by Avicii. I'm loving the mix of bluegrassy/country and dance that's come out recently. Very surprisingly, because I despised country music in high school. Maybe having a "country" boyfriend helps XD

I'm also in love with "Love Don't Die" by the Fray. I had NO idea it was The Fray because... I've never heard a song so rock-y by them. I like the sound and rock music a lot. As a genre. I don't spend a lot of time trying to seek out music I suppose so a lot of times I only know singles. I don't really like how people like me have a stigma of being "posers" or something to some people, especially because I have a musical background (in choral music XD) but still. I know technical things about music, or I used to. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate pop >__<

Anyway, I'm flying tomorrow by myself, renting a rental car and staying in a hotel by myself all for the first time and yet I'm ranting about this XD Silly me.

Of course, I still need to finish packing. And study for the interview more. A lot more of both of those. And yeah. Anxiety setting in.
I have a genetic disorder/condition/whatever called hyperhidrosis, which is classified by excessive (& mostly random) sweating in localized areas. It's exacerbated by stress for me and most other sufferers. This means that when I know someone is going to touch my hands, I usually freak out and start sweating more. It's pretty bad, and definitely impacts my interviewing. The hand sweating in particular used to give me extreme dating anxiety and I'd physically shake when I went on dates. Thankfully I'm in a committed relationship now and he doesn't really care, not that most guys would, I think. But still, it's a huge mental thing for me. I have started shaking in interviews a few times now, but I'm hoping it'll get better as I do them more (God knows I've had enough phone interviews by now). But I'm sure it'll be pretty bad in Texas. Plus it'll be 70 degrees there XD Hopefully I just won't have to shake many people's hands XD But I can just tell myself I hopefully have a job here so it might not matter if they don't like me. HEHE! XD

Anyyway. Yup! I'll definitely be posting about that sometime soon. Haven't decided if I'm taking my computer or not. Either way at least I'll have an interesting story! :D


I love Farmville.

It's so fun.

Today's the weekaversary of me starting to play and I'm addicted. So sad. Darn Kat for getting me started when we worked together. (I was filling in for a different person, because normally we never work together. Sad for us, but sensible for the Library's sake, if you ask me!)

Work was good yesterday, I actually got to talk to Nicole about some more meaningful stuff - we've both just graduated in December, for example. And a few things about books and living different places, and her being married and such. It was pretty fun.

More of my lifeCollapse )

But yeah. Each day has enough worry of its own, as God says. Lol. :) one step at a time. One baby step at a time.


So, so. Yeah.

I'm going to Texas.

For an interview!! This literally DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY. It was just a preliminary interview with HR. I wasn't expecting anything, really. And then at the end of the interview she's making plans about me visiting the plant in-person! OMGOMGOMG. So excited. And yet so nervous!!!

We'll see how it goes!! I fly out Monday and interview earlyyy Tuesday morning. No news on the other prospects yet. This should definitely be an interesting few days/weeks.


Gah! LOL :D
Dear God, make me a bird
It seems like thus far in my job search, things always seem to happen in spurts!!! I literally didn't get any word from any company last week. It was dead. So, I just went about the usual business. I.e. going to work, applying for more jobs, crocheting/reading, entertaining the dog.

Then all of a sudden, two companies contacted my yesterday, both to tell me that I was still a candidate. One was asking if the other had offered me a job, LOL XD, which I didn't know yet, and then the other called later to say they needed more time. Interesting. But better than bad news, I hope? My dad said it was weird because normally people don't do that, so hopefully it means they like me.

And then today, a random company on the West coast (3 hours behind here) that I applied at a week ago called me to set up a job interview. They actually asked if they could interview me on the spot, and I would've any other time but I just /happened/ to be out with a friend shopping (read: does not happen ever. sighXD). But OH wells, it's just scheduled for tomorrow now, but unfortunatelyyyy it means I can't go to a Women's club luncheon event with my mom that I wanted to go to/told her I'd go with her to. Double sigh! A lot of times (read: every time) it's just a bunch of old ladies and me, but I don't really mind. It's been that way since I can remember, and I like them! :) Hopefully next time it will work out. :(

And THEN after 5pm a representative from a 3rd party setting up the skype interview with the first company called. They were like, "tomorrow we will do a trial run with all the equipment to see if it works, we're setting up for your Thursday interview at 10am" and I was like O_O uhhh. I work Thursday 8am-2pm. So obviously I couldn't do it XD So, weirdd...yeah. The trial run just for a real skype interview seems like a lot of fuss. This company is big so just more hoops to jump through >_> but hopefully it will work out.

I said this on my Facebook a while back, but I felt it today more than any other time:
Trying to find a job is like trying to date a bunch of people at the same time.


Dear God, make me a bird
So many cookies...

On Saturday, my mom made cookies. Tiny Snickerdoodles, so I can eat 6, right? BAHA. And I proceeded to eat some yesterday. And today after lunch.

And then today she goes to the store and gets...a giant plate of cookies, the premade kind at Kroger that come in the giant party boxes. Apparently one was on sale. A 3+ POUND one. What, mom? It's just you and me home and Dad left a few hours ago for a business trip. Do you really think our dog should eat the rest? (I'm joking, we wouldn't let him even though he totally would if he could)

Definitely planning on hitting the workout calendar hard ASAP, because I'll need to fast for weeks now.. HAHA because my diet is going to be COOKIES this week. Solely cookies. at least Lent is soon (kidding. mostly. I generally don't give up anything for Lent, though I do appreciate the symbolism)

Aaand she just said "I could eat a whole meal of cookies". Oh, mom.


Kadyen + Cadence = Kadynce
I finished The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass last night. It was a good ending, surprisingly not cliche even though it was very happy, probably because it was bittersweet (a fair amount of people died etc. but life went on, very similar to real life). Even though it's for older teens and I'm not a teen anymore, I still love that series, it reads as quickly as Twilight but it's better and more meaningful. My goal is to finish the 5 other books before the last one comes out in May.

Last night I also made a pizza! Yeah from scratch & all. A chopped-up-hamburger and cheese pizza. HAHA. I'm trying to make a lot more recipes this year and I'm on track so-far.

I just finished a scarf for my boss. It's a red infinity, loose and meshy. She'll love it! It's my new go-to gift, hopefully it'll make my waiting list shrink HAHA!

I want to apply for more jobs, I do. I'm just tired. It feels like an endless cycle even though that's quite preposterous. I don't see how people do this for months and months on end. I hope and pray it doesn't get that bad for me.


New life, new journal, new pen name
Dear God, make me a bird
I think I've wanted a new journal for a while, now.

I just don't like the idea of needing to have to make something private.

A long time ago, when I was in middle school, I had an incident with my mother where I left my LJ logged in by accident and she read it. She BLEW UP. because of some of the things I said: normal middle school angst and self-centeredness mixed with mild cursing.

Ever since then, I've jealously guarded my journal by painstakingly making each entry "friends only", but that doesn't seem a good way to make new friends. Plus, there's something liberating about releasing your cares, hopes, dreams, and frustrations into the universe, uncensored, etc.

admittedly it's gotten people in trouble before. So aliases might be necessary. :D

Anyway, hi. I'm not quite sure what exactly I'll write here, but it'll be fun, that's for sure.



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