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New Job - Cinco de Mayo

My first day of work today.

It sucked, as normal, because first days ALWAYS suck. I HATE the first day of work, actually, when you know nothing and everyone around you is your boss, and you have all these names to remember, ooh, and shaking everyone's hands (when mine is probably sweaty), and getting lost and not having a routine. Yup. (Oh yeah, and one of my bosses is named Scotland. Literally, haha.)

I went in at 7:45 today to do paperwork, drug tests, and health screen, before following around a few different people for the rest of the day >__> it was cold, too. And I smelled like a chicken plant, which is definitely less bad then a White Castle plant, but still noticeable.

For one of my drug tests, a lady had to watch me pee. Yup. An "observed" urine test. Awkward. And, at the health exam, the examiner found a cyst on my left wrist that LITERALLY JUST appeared last Wednesday. It has been freaking me out, and he said it won't go away >___>;. I am SO VERYYYY bummed about this ;-;. Dunno what to do as of now except wait. I hate some things about my body sometimes, but I've never really had a tumor or other kind of growth that I know of, so it's just messing with my mind and FREAKING ME OUT O__O

Tomorrow will probably be worse, though. Today I went in at 7:45, but tomorrow I follow around my main boss all day starting at 6:30 O___O the hotel we're staying in doesn't even start serving breakfast until then, so today I went and bought some cereal. Bleh. 6:30. I can't help but feel massive amounts of self-pity right now XD I guess it's good that my hubby is here (even though he's asleep XD bc he works third shift, so he's taking a nap before his own first day), because without him I'd probably feel way worse and be crying right now X3 Gah, I cry easily.

Dear Lord,
Please watch over both me and my husband in this week to come, especially tomorrow. I love you so much, please help me to put my faith and trust in you and your plan for me. (and him!)

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