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Gah!! Haha...

Tomorrow is APRIL!! Ahhh haha.

Being engaged is cool and all, but I hate the blizzard of questions it brings. DX I was mobbed at church for Wednesday and Sunday service, and I got the date question a few times (when's the wedding?). I got asked by my neighbor, too, just now when I was walking Boris. I've just started answering with the elope scenario just because it's probably what's going to happen and it seems better to plant it in their minds now XD The sooner the better I guess, so they can get more used to it?

I finished the final book of the Codex Alera series today, First Lord's Fury. It was great, but the series just had so much more potential. I liked the ending and all, but I hate that the vord became the main theme of the series. If they hadn't been in it at all, it would have been so much better imo - assuming Butcher could've . I mean I loved the writing and his sense of humor, I just hate when my suspension of belief is stretched TOO thin. I can accept things within the bounds of the imaginary universe. But a superhumanly-powered alien race controlled by a Queen that appears only in the 2nd book, doesn't appear in the 3rd at all, then becomes the central theme for the remainder of the series? GAH. It just kills me, because the series is SO AWESOME otherwise. Oh well, maybe that's what fanfiction is for XD maybe someday.

On the note of Fanfiction, I saw in January that Terry Goodkind doesn't allow Fanfiction (on the ff website) of his work. WTF. DX Terry, really?! Why. Just, why. I don't see how ff is bad at all, and if people really want to write and share it, they will. Why not let them, you might actually get some more fans? Just, ugh, it seems so backwards.
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