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Gah! Lol.

Well, somehow I managed to make my flights/not crash the rental car/make it to the interview on time and generally get there and back with no major mishaps. I made a driving error or two, but I guess because I had just enough leeway time it was forgiven and I still made the flight home on time.

They actually offered me the job while I was there! A verbal offer was extended. I love the guy who would be my direct boss. He is hilarious. We talked about Calculus (shudder..lol) and stuff. It was actually the best interview of my life (the most enjoyable for me) because after the initial part of mostly goofiness he said "okay, now, this interview is yours. What questions do you have for me?". It was my dream come true interview because I really just got to ask away. Haha! He also "doesn't believe in business cards" HAHA!! I love it.

The offer is 39k. It's in TX, and I'd have to relocate (they have a relocation assistance/package, too). It's pretty cool for a girl who doesn't have any other offers right now and is making minimum wage at a part-time job. But unfortunately, to my brother and father and mother, whom I stupidly shared my (high?) hopes of 45-50k to, they think it's low. I mean, really. I don't honestly care about money all that much, if it's just me. I could live off it. But the IFT salary survey says new grads make an average of 44k with females a little lower. (sigh). Also, two of my classmates, a girl who graduated in May and a guy who graduated in Dec like me, both make 50k now. Like I said, I really could care less most moments, except for that tiny little jealous part that wants to keep up with the Joneses. But that part isn't there most days.

The only thing is...the rest of the search, of course. I have a few leads, still, and I don't want the end to be messy. I've interviewed twice with a job in town who said they would know the following week. It's now a month later. They called me 2.5 weeks ago to say I was a "preferred candidate" and that I should tell them if I had to rush for any reason. I think another offer is a rush. So, I tried to call HR this morning but she lives across the Ocean somewhere (in her email footer it says 2 different placesDX) and my phone wouldn't call to the different country. Bleh. So, I emailed, and apologized for the lack of formality.

But part of me is hoping that they don't respond so I have an "excuse" to move away. It would be fun, for sure. An adventure. I've lived in this state my whole life, after all, and I've been wanting to move for a few months now.

Dear God, please allow me to cast all my worries on to you and help me to do your will in this world. Amen.

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