Dear God, make me a bird
So, Asa and I are going to Michigan two Thursdays from now for a wedding!

I called my aunt today to ask if I could stay with her. I feel bad because I don't think I've called her any other time. Slightly awkward. If we wanted to stay with them before, my mom would've just called and I would've gone up with my parents. It's weird doing stuff on your own.

Anyway, I got sad because she said her oldest son is getting a divorce. I have 12 cousins on this side, and this aunt and uncle have 4 of the kids. This particular son is the only one who doesn't live in Michigan now, though the soon-to-be ex moved back home to MI. So, I feel very bad for him, too, because I understand wanting to go home. To want to go home and be losing a spouse sounds terrible.

Buuut now I've got to try and be productive in the 2 hours before bed. I've been exercising sporadically and I think it's helpful, but it's getting the activation energy to do it!

On a sidenote, I've actually been on the computer most of the day for work for the past few days (instead of walking around most of the day, sometimes in the cold) and actually I don't think it's better :/ I mean I guess both suck in their own way, but being at a computer isn't the great dream I thought it would be - it just makes me want to use my own even less than I normally would!



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