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Marriage part 3 or 4 or 5 or something...uh... oh, it never ends? Haha :P :)

So so so I'm getting married!!

We want to do a week from today.

Long story short: Mom found out we were gonna elope and made a thing about it, so now both sets of parents are going to see us married. His dad is officiating because he's ordained.

I want somewhere free XD So, a park. I just called a park downtown on the river and they said it'd be free if we didn't have any "infrastructure" which we don't XD But, no places to go if the weather is bad.

The most awkward thing though is the wedding night >__>... I was planning on just not being together until we leave for Texas the following week, but now today Asa's dad offered to buy us a "suite" for his wedding present to us. It's just so...awkward... I mean, I don't feel awkward with Asa, just awkward like...about the situation O__o and then like going back home to my parent's house the next day? It's just so weird. Geh.

Still have to figure out the marriage licences. And rings. And the dress. And pretty much everything else. Oh, and I have an appointment with my doctor for talking about birth control today. How long do you have to take birth control before it works?! O_o. Oh, and I called my relocation agent today. No answer. Ahh! Life is moving fast now. I am glad Ashley gave me some wedding planning books after her shower on Saturday, because they have emotional preparedness sections too, which have been nice to read.

Thank you, God, for the moments of rest I got to experience last week. I pray that this coming week will go smoothly, as well as the following one. Please bless and keep me through these moments of turmoil and allow me to trust you and rely on you for strength. Amen

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