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Northern Kentucky Trip

Well, April is shaping up to be a busy month! I'll just get us started on next week:

My dear friend from college's Bridal Shower is a week from today! I'm excited that in exactly a week I'll be sitting with her and her other friends! It's co-ed, and Asa can't go because of his work schedule, (even though he invited me yesterday to visit next weekend, I'm not sure how he thinks we could've spent much time together bc he works Fri-Mon 3rd shift XD. Guess he hadn't really thought about that.) so I guess it's up to me to hold down the Burnoski-Hoffman fort, haha, not that I mind too much XD I didn't even know it was a co-ed shower until a few weeks ago. I wonder how common that is. I think I'll probably have mine be girls-only, because that's more fun! Haha XD IDK!! Guess we'll see how this one turns out first XD.

And then for most of this coming week I'm planning on making my trip up to Northern KY to see all 3 parties of interest - Ben, Melanie & family, and Asa's Grandma Cheryl and family. Apparently I didn't mention this to Asa until yesterday, though, and he got upset because he can't go and he thinks if I told him earlier he'd have managed to be able to come (I have my doubts, but guess it doesn't matter how slim it might've been when he's convinced otherwise). But the thing is, it didn't even /start/ with me going up to see his family. They were just a nice side bonus. It was about the birthday celebration with Ben - we have the same birthday and met first semester in college. We've celebrated our 20th and 21st birthdays together so far together. I figured since I'm still here (barely) for my 22nd, why not try to work it out? And it looks like it will, so yay!

He still got very sad though. I knew he was upset and sniffly, he said he was fine, though I could TELL he wasn't. And he said he was also sad because he didn't think he could see any of his friends before we left. So he was most likely jealous about me being able to see his family and him not, and me being able to see my friends and him not. Neither of which I begrudge him for at all, I actually understand 100% and it makes me sad that I hurt him by being a tad thoughtless. So, I offered once again for him to not go down initially to TX, but he really wants to and he didn't take it the "right" way at all, it more made him even more upset. I think because I was seeming like I didn't want him to go initially, which isn't true either. It might be less stressful, but it could be more stressful, too. Anyway, I'm going to stop making that suggestion because clearly he doesn't want to stay behind at all and it only makes him sad when I say it XD

As a last note of interest, Melanie invited herself to the birthday celebration - which is good, because if she hadn't it might have only been Ben and me. Which wouldn't be awkward inherently - we spent plenty of time hanging out alone Freshman year - but it might just be awkward because of me being engaged and celebrating with him only might not be how an engaged woman should act. So, part of me is relieved. And also anxious. Mel has let on that she likes him, but I'm not sure at all how he'd react. I don't think he likes her XD Not dislike, per se, but he has probably never even considered dating her before. (Imo, not completely sure of course). She wants to plot some way to talk to him alone while we're all 3 hanging out, and I don't know how that's gonna happen. Sigh. We'll see!!!

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