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I feel like whenever I make a to-do list, it is inevitable that it won't all get done. *sigh* But, I guess that's somewhat the point, to help yourself see what you still have "to-do" lalwlwlwl (XD)..

Anyway, I have a ton to do before I move! I'm getting anxious because no one has contacted me yet from the relocation company. Surely they didn't mean I'd get my relocation details in mid-April, too, when my job starts May 5th? But apparently it does.

Plus, I was planning on taking a preliminary trip down there to scout out apartments, but now I see that that was probably stupid and isn't going to happen, because why else would they put me in a hotel the first few weeks? Probably so I can look for a place to live. *sigh*. It just doesn't logistically seem to make sense. Where would all my stuff go during that time? Would I just make a trip back home during my first few weeks to get it? Would it be brought down with me when I came and just put into a storage unit? What are the other trainees doing? When do I get to meet them?

Obviously, I can't bother the HR lady with ALL of these questions.

And then more questions just for me... like how am I going to buy a car here when no one's around to visit the lot with me? When is the best time? Is my dad going with me? When would that be, because I work on Saturdays? Should I just test-drive cars for now and then get an idea? Do I have to get a KY licence plate for >1 month? Can I go on my parents' insurance for >1 month? Sigh.

And Asa is getting antsy about it, too. He's like "I NEED to know when we're moving so I can put in my transfer at work" blahblahblah, like losing his Walmart job is the biggest deal in the world, and then I feel like a horrible person for thinking that, and then I feel ashamed because it IS a lot better than nothing. DX blah!!

No wonder moving is supposedly one of the top-3 most stressful things in life. Let's just count it as an extra bonus that I get to experience one of the others, starting a new job, shortly after XD Oh, wow. Okay, time for the pity party to end

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