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Marriage part 2

Well, I was right!

I guess it's hard to be sneaky when you live 1.5 hours away. And plus, I stumbled upon him and my dad talking. alone. Talk about suspicious.

Asa proposed to me on a walk with my dog. It was probably the most boring/mundane proposal ever, but I really don't mind. My only regret is he didn't get on one knee, but, he was holding my spastic dog at the time on his leash (literally, my dog is SO bad and a terrible walker XD he tries to run away whenever he can, too), so I guess I'll give him a free pass, this time :P XD. It kind of fits in with my thoughts I was thinking last week after reading "How to Pick Your Life Partner" (http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/02/pick-life-partner.html), about how your partner should make your Forgettable Wednesdays better and not worse, because that's the majority of the time you'll spend with them - not holidays, birthdays etc.


Anyway, yeah. So. About last week. I dunno. I just feel 10x better about the whole thing now. If we had to get married before Texas so he could live with me, I could. I just need to get my butt in gear.

Now that I have a plan, I just need to DO it. I've been a bit lazy about figuring stuff out - admittedly I was working & on vacation for 4 days, but yesterday was my first day back and I haven't been that productive XD A lot of Farmville and reading. But I will do the stuff on my to-do list, today! I will!

Nashville was awesome, I haven't been on a real vacation in so long! It was the only time I've been on Spring Break somewhere with friends (well literally the only other time besides 4th grade). It was hilarious because one of the two girls was my roomie from last semester but all 3 of us had been floormates Freshman year. The ex-roomie hates country music and loves rap though, so it was kinda funny being in the Country Music Capital of the world XD. But we managed to find a bar that had dancing and mixed music which we visited both nights we were there (And we did other stuff too! XD), so it was lots of fun for all three of us, thankfully :)

So yeah. Back to reality, hehe, and gotta get life ready to be uprooted. Sounds like a plan! Now let's go!

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